Canadian Mining Executive, Kurt Breede, Vice President, Marketing of geological and mining consulting firm, Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited (WGM), is pleased to announce the launch of the mining industry's first crowd-funding initiative for the arts. In addition to his principal role at Canada's oldest geological and mining consultancy, Mr. Breede is also an amateur film maker and the creator of Klondike, The Shooting of Dan McGrew, a feature length screenplay set during the Klondike Gold Rush. 

"The Klondike Gold Rush is a period in Canada's mining history that has intrigued me since I first worked in the Yukon 20 years ago" remarks Mr. Breede. "My goal is to have this epic period of history brought to life on the world stage. As an advocate of the Canadian mineral resource industry, I believe this film will help to highlight the importance of mining to Canada's economy and national identity, showcase the Yukon's diverse and rich history, and underscore the role of First Nations people in our country's cultural fabric."

"Hollywood has traditionally cast the mining industry as the villain in many films", comments Mr. Breede, lamenting that movies like North Country (featuring Charlize Theron), Blood Diamond (starring Leonardo DiCaprio), and James Cameron's Avatar have hurt the public image of a vital industry. "My hope is to strike some balance by showcasing more truer to life episodes of Canada's mining history, and the ways - both good and bad - it has touched people's lives."

As the first phase of this project, Mr. Breede has launched a crowd-funding campaign on the popular website, Kickstarter. "I thought it might be a fun challenge to rally the support of the mining community at large in an effort to raise awareness about the project, and to raise funds for the production of a promotional trailer which I hope to shoot later this summer." 

Details on the campaign, set to run between now and March 11, can be found online at: